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Popular Emulators

Name Description
Gearboy Gearboy is a cross-platform Game Boy / GameBoy Color emulator written in C++ that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi and RetroArch.

This is an open source project with ongoing development.

Other Emulators

Name Description
Boycott Nifty newer Gameboy emulator with many of the same features as VGB and it supports neat backgroud skins.
cingb This is a open source Gameboy emulator for Linux. Some games run on it.
gbpablog gbpablog is a recent Game Boy emulator written in C++, using WxWidgets and SDL. It doesn't seem to support GBC emulator, but does have sound and savestate support, and can play commercial games. Source code is only available via a Mercurial repository at the official site.
Gngb Gngb is a GBC emulator for Linux written in C using the SDL.
gnuboy gnuboy supports DMG, CGB and most MBCs, and has 99%+ compatibility.
It still has yet to emulate the link cable, Super Gameboy extensions and obscure mappers (HuC1, HuC3, etc). Definitely worth the download.
GooBer GooBer is a Gameboy emulator written in ANSI C with the Allegro game programming library.
KiGB The "most accurate" and free portable emulator for Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy for Windows, Linux and MS-DOS.
realboy Complete, Fast, Yet Accurate, Free/Open-Source Game Boy/Game Boy Color Emulator for Linux/Unix.
VenGaboyTK A GTK port of Boycott, only Linux port available.
VGB VGB (Virtual GameBoy) is the only GB emulator available for FreeBSD, Solaris, and SunOS as far as I know, it also is available for Linux too... It has good compatiblity, and good sound. This emulator is worth the download.
zBoy zBoy is a pretty new Game Boy emulator created as a project by the author to learn about microprocessor architecture, assembly language, and so on. It's available for Windows, Linux, and (somewhat unusually for 2011) DOS. The source code is also available.

Despite being as new as it is, zBoy seems to be able to play several games quite well, though all the site's screenshots are of classic GB games, so I don't think it does GBC emulation (at least not yet).

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