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Name Description
AEPgb This is a Gameboy emulator based upon the sources of two other Java Gameboy emulators, Pgb and JavaBoy (found below). It is also distributed under the GNU GPL, so have fun with it!
GameBoyEmu It is a final year project for the author, and its compatibility is pretty high. It is fairly fast as well. Go give it a shot.
JavaBoy JavaBoy is a complete emulator, with good compatibility, accurate sound, and Game Link support via TCP/IP, allowing two-player games to be played over the Internet or on a LAN.
JGB Based on the VGB 0.6 source, by Marat Fazullyn.
JSGB A GB emulator written in Java. It emulates with no sound currently, and at a slowish speed. In time I will bet it'll speed up though. You must go to the web page to use it.
JSwingboy/JMEboy This duo is a GB emulator that runs in Java. There are versions that should run on several different sorts of devices compatible with Java.
PGB PGB supports the original Gameboy and Gameboy Color. It's fairly slow right now (60-90% speed with no frame skip).

Nintendo - GameBoy Emulators on Other Platforms

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