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Name Description
Gameboy Emulator This is based off of the VGB sources, but has no documentation and it explicitly states on the official site that they will not give support or answer any questions. Be careful with this one.
GBulator This is a commercial emulator designed to emulate both GB and GBC games for newer Palms, including sound. Looks to have quite good compatibility, but the demo version only plays for 2 minutes. The full version can be bought at their website.
Liberty The "Liberty Team" boasts that Liberty can run hundreds of games, along with configurable control keys, save state and user-selectable palette (for Palms with color screens). The catch is the registered version is US$16.95.
Phoinix Formerly known as PalmBoy. Does a fairly nice job of emulating on Palm OS's slow CPU...however, to make it run faster, it doesn't protect the memory, so make sure you hotsync your databases.
The Starter Pack includes the English version of the emulator, along with some FREE public-domain games and the documentation. It doesn't,
however, include the playability datasheets. Other languages are available at the homepage.

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