Nintendo - GameBoy Emulators

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Name Description
gnuboy CE This is a port of gnuboy to PPC...currently only an iPAQ version is available.
gnuboyCE Journada This is another port of gnuboy.
M-Boy This is another Gameboy emulator for the ppc. It's very small, it runs many color games at close to full speed at a frameskip of 2 on my non-overclocked Cassiopeia E-125, but a few B&W games (Battletoads, Tiny Toons, maybe more) are VERY slow for some weird reason. Quite a few games do not work at all or are glitchy. It's still quite buggy, but all three Zelda games work quite nicely (the two newer ones are a bit slow though, but still very playable, and the old one locks up sometimes when you throw pots (?!)).
PalmGB This plays Gameboy and Gameboy Color games using GameX accerlation. It also features large screen mode with anti-aliasing and uses hardware buttons on PSPCs. Registration is US$30.
PocketGnuboy PocketGnuboy - This is WAC gnuboyCE, a minor update/enhanced port of the gnuboy CE. This particular port is based off of Xetra's sources.

Nintendo - GameBoy Emulators on Other Platforms

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