Arcade - Multiple System Emulators

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Name Description
MacSloMo This emulator is coded in Visual Basic. It runs centipede, millipede, and astro fighter.
Modeler Modeler is a Sega Arcade Emulator, which supports System 32 and Sega Model 1 games.
The Model 1 games (Star Wars, Virtua Fighter, and Virtua Racing) are not playable yet,
due to the lack of 3D graphics emulation, but the System 32 games (Spiderman, Golden Axe 2, Holosseum, ...)
work well. This version, by the way, is well ahead of the latest PC release in terms of emulation
accuracy - and there are one or two games in this release that have not been added to the PC version yet.
Vectorama This emulates all those old Atari vector games like Asteroids and Lunar Lander. Quite cool.

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