Arcade - Multiple System Emulators

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Name Description
FinalBurn/SDL A very good CPS2 Emulator, now available for BeOS. Requires SDL.
Laser This is the port of Laser, the Midway 8080 emulator to BeOS. Requires SDL.
RAINE The BeOS port of RAINE appears to no longer be maintained.
XMAME XMAME is an alternative porting by Caz of MAME, using SDL and featuring full sound support. Requires SDL.

Arcade - Multiple System Emulators on Other Platforms

Windows (48)
Linux (1)
Macintosh (3)
-- Dreamcast (4)
-- Game Boy / Advance (1)
-- Nintendo DS (2)
-- Playstation Portable (2)
QNX (1)
Android (1)
DOS (2)