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AAE AAE (Another Arcade Emulator) is a primarily vector based arcade system emulator/simulator written using C and OpenGL. It strives to recreate the experience of playing the games as they were in the arcade, and requires the original game ROMS in order to run. In some cases copies of the original sound files and artwork are required to complete the emulation experience. It provides for simulation options that are not available in MAME â„¢, and offers several features that are not available in MAME â„¢ due to their arcade preservation charter, such as advanced hardware based drawing and motion blur.

Although AAE is written to feel much like the MAME â„¢ Documentation Project, ( it is a very different emulator, based in part on sources from the old emulator Retrocade.
ACE This is a CPS-1/2 and now System 16, System 18 and NeoGeo emulator for Windows.
Logiqx's CMPro and ROMCenter DAT files.This project is now discontinued due to a hard drive crash.
Calice CALICE is a free Capcom system 1 emulator. It runs a whole bunch of games and has CPS2 Support. Go get it! Norwegian Translation. The DOS version has been discontinued.
Logiqx's CMPro and ROMCenter DAT files.
An excellent Capcom System 1 emulator from Bloodlust Software. It runs the following games:

Final Fight (US and Jap), Street Fighter II The World Warriors (US and Jap), Street Fighter II Championship Edition (US and Jap), Street Fighter II Turbo (US and Jap), Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Edition (Pirate), Strider (US and Jap), UN Squadron (US) and Area88 (Jap), Carrier Air Wing (US and Jap) Three Wonders (US) and Wonder 3 (Jap), Captain Commando (US and Jap), King of Dragons (US and Jap), Willow (US and Jap), Knights of the Round (US and Jap), Magic Sword (US and Jap), Megatwins (US) and Chiki Chiki Boys (Jap), 1941 (US and Jap), Rockman The Power Battle (Jap), Nemo (US and Jap), Varth (US and Jap), Quiz and Dragons (US and Jap), Mercs(US) and Senjyo no Ookami II(Jap), Punisher (US and Jap), Warriors of Fate (US and Jap), Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Muscle Bomber Duo, Pnickies (Jap), Ghouls 'n Ghosts (US), Capcom World 2 (jap) and Dynasty Wars (Jap).

Callus has features such as a full GUI, sound support, movie creation and playback, as in NESticle, Save State functionality, joystick support, QSound emulation, Kabuki Z80 decryption and quite a few other features.

The Callus 95 patch was created by CPS2 Shock and enables many new games in the Win9x version of Callus.

The Win9x DirectX port of Callus has Netplay similar to Nesticle95's implementation. Additionally, the DirectX functionality may help to increase speed when used with compatible video and sound cards.

A French version of Callus is also available.

A Norwegian version of Callus is also available.

QSP is a Q-Sound music player for many Capcom System 1 (CPS-1) and 2 (CPS-2) games, such as Super Street Fighter 2, and Street Fighter Alpha. It operates with the actual game roms, so there is no need for extraction ('ripping') or conversion.
Cinelator Also runs Cinematronics games, and has partial sound support.
Cinematronics Emulator Emulates all 11 Cinematronics games available including Boxing Bugs, Space War, Solar Quest, Warrior and War of the Worlds.
EMU Classic Video Game Emulator Emulates the following games with sound support: Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Black Widow, Gravitar, Lunar Lander, Red Baron, Space Duel, Space Invaders, Space Invaders 2, Missle Command, and Tempest. It's written in pure assembly and is quite fast. It's been discontinued due to Retrocade.
EmuDX Emulates Pac-Man And Ms Pac-Man with enhanced graphics. Includes sound and joystick support. Additional compatibility is planned for future releases, and there are sound and graphics files available from the official homepage.
GalEmu For Galaxian, its bootlegs, and other games that use the same CPU as Galaxian. It's a simple alternative to MAME's Galaxian support; It will fit on a floppy disk, and has less stringent system requirements.
HiVE HiVE stands for High Velocity Emulator, and is the successor to CAGE. The code has had a major overhaul since CAGE's last release, and is now quite a bit faster. It currently supports PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Jr. PacMan, Galaga, Gaplus, DigDug, Mappy, DigDug 2, Super PacMan, Space Invaders, Rally X, and Targ.
Impact Emulates newer Capcom games. Requires a fast system to run, and does not have support for games newer than 1997.

There is also a patched version that will run under Windows 2000.

To use either of the renderers, simply replace the renderer.ipc file with the renderer from the zip archive. It works with certain video plugins from our PSEmu Pro Plugins page, except that you might experience a few texture inconsistencies.

Impact has been discontinued, and has been replaced by ZiNc.
JFF - Just For Fun Formerly only a Vastar emulator, this has been built into an emulator supporting the following games: Air Buster, Ambush, GetStar, HigeMaru, Ninja Kid 2, XX Mission, Psychic 5 and Vastar. Has sound in only a few games, and uses handmade palettes which might be inaccurate in some cases.
JPeMu This emulates several fruit machines. Emulation itself is a little far off from perfect, as the author has tried to recreate his work from a hard drive crash.
JROK's Arcade Simulation Emulates the following games: Mappy, Galaga 3, Gaplus, Super Pacman, Dig Dug 2, SkyKid and PacLand. Includes sound support, and runs all games at full speed on a P133.
JROK's Namco System 1 emulator Early beta of a Namco System 1 emulator. Currently supports only Pacmania (US and Jap) and Galaga88 (US and Jap.)
Juno First Emu Runs the following games: Juno First, Juno First bootleg, Tutankahm, Crystal Castles, Track'N'Field, Hyper Sports, Rock'n'Rope, Circus Charlie(Rev 1 and 2), R-Type I, R-Type II, and Legend of Hero Tomna. Sound is emulated in most of these games.
Kawaks Kawaks is a closed-source emulator for Neo Geo and the CPS1 and CPS2 systems by Capcom.
KEM 'The Killer Emulator,' Originally titled 'Konami Emulator,' supports such classics as Rampage, Discs of Tron, Kickman, Solar Fox and many more Z80-based games.
Laser This emulator has made sufficient progress. Standing for Little Arcade System Emulator Releases, Laser now emulates discrete logic circuitry boards. One of the goals is to 'make the Sega Arcade Project a reality'.
M72 Arcade Emulator Emulates classic IREM games released between 1987 and 1990, including: R-TYPE JP, R-TYPE US, R-TYPE2, Dragon Breed, Hammerin' Harry, Gallop, Mr. Heli, X-MULTIPLY, Ninja Spirit, Legend of Hero Tonma, Battle Choppers and Image Fight. They all run with sound and music, near perfectly. Programmed in C, it requires a decently fast processor (P233+.)
MageX Highly optimized multi arcade emulator. Supports Z80 and 6502 based arcade games, and can be considered an alternative to MAME.
Mapefer3 Emulates Ghosts and Goblins, and Diamond Run. Although there is no sound yet, the CPU core is written in assembly, making it one of the fastest of its kind.
MFME MFME is an emulator for European Fruit Machines. It emulates UK and European style fruit machines of varying vintages and covers a wide range of the technologies used.
Mimic Started as a multiple arcade emulator supporting BombJack, LadyBug, PacMan, Rally X, Pinball Action, Galaxian, Mr Do, and Solomon's Key. It now has Sega Master System, and preliminary Gameboy and Colecovision support. Requires HWC driver files which can be downloaded at the official homepage.
Modeler Modeler is an arcade emulator currently running Sega System 32, Sega System 32 Multi and Sega Model 1 (not yet playable) games.
Logiqx's CMPro and ROMCenter DAT files.
Multi Gauntlet Emulator Emulates Gauntlet 1 and 2 near perfectly. Has voice and sound support.
Nebula Nebula is a CPS-1/2 and now Neo Geo emulator for Windows. It has a good GUI and good speed. It also comes with a tool to convert Final Burn saves. It now has support for Neo Geo CD.
This is the ROM DAT file provided by CPS2Shock. It includes updated information for new releases.
Logiqx's CMPro and ROMCenter DAT files.
Nebula Model 2 Nebula Model 2 is the only emulator for the Sega Model 2B board emulator right now. It is in preliminary stages with a lot of bugs, so download at your own risk. Be sure to read the included readme file before usage.This is a major rewrite of the above download with a new framework. DirectX 9 is required.

Last update: 2009-01-29
NeomuLandia 32 Plus This is a variant of MAME32 Plus! by GU-LOCO, but only supports Neo Geo games. The problem is that it supports even newer games like King of Fighters 2001, 2002 and 2003, which violates MAME's license. For this reason, ZD will not host a download, but if you want to you may check the homepage.
PCSloMo It's true to its name, but then it was programmed entirely in Visual Basic; The source is freely available. It emulates the following games: Astro Fighter (sets 1 and 2), Centipede (Original & Rev. 1), Galaxy Wars, Invaders Deluxe, Mr. TNT, Lunar Rescue, Space Invaders, Super Earth Invasion, Vangaurd, Boot Hill, Clowns, Destination: Earth, Sea Wolf, Space Chasers, Space Phantoms, Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Eyes, Crush Roller and Cosmic Monsters. No sound support.
RAGE For the following SNK and Capcom games: Undercover Cops, Ninja Spirit, In the Hunt, Blade Master, GunForce, Image Fighter, Ikari Warriors, Gun Smoke, TMK3, 1943, Son Son, R-Type, Victory Road, R-Type II, Dragon Breed, Legend of Hero Tonma and Hammering Harry. Its goal is to emulate SNK CAPCOM, and IREM arcade games. Written in pure assembly, it is quite fast.
RAINE Raine is an emulator, it emulates some M68000 and M68020 arcade games and is mainly focused on Taito and Jaleco games hardware. It started as an experiment with the Rainbow Islands romset, dumped by Aracorn/Romlist. Raine can emulate many nice games now, including new additions from Cave and other companies. Sound was improved thanks to the work of Hiromitsu Shioya.

(NOTE: Zophar's Domain is going through a brief outage where no files > 2MB in size can be uploaded. As soon as this issue is resolved, I will resume adding updated files to this listing. Thanks for your patience! -Montie2k)
Replay+ Comes closer than any other package to MAME's functionality, and is a very acceptable alternative. Emulates over 150 classic arcade games, and has has network support and movie saving/playing facilities.
Retrocade Emulates over 100 games, and maintained on multiple platforms. Since the CPU core engines are programmed in assembly, it runs much faster than other multi arcade emulators, including MAME. Has sound emulation for most of its supported ROMs. Additionally, it has a very useful and attractive interface, which is an optional and highly recommended download.
s11emu This is a Namco System 11 emulator, which is the system that runs such arcade titles as Soul Edge and Tekken. There is currently no sound support.
This emulator has been discontinued, and replaced with ZiNc.
Shark This emulator began by emulating Flying Shark. In addition to this game, it also runs Twin Cobra, Hishou Zame, Kyokyuko Tiger, and a few others. It runs very well on A P133. It also has sound and joystick support. You might want to skip this emulator for one like MAME, unless you need the speed.
SideWay For classic Midway games. Emulates 21 games including Seawolf, Boothill, Gunfight, Space invaders, Amazing Maze, and Space Invaders Deluxe. Some have sound support through samples.
Sparcade A multiple machine emulator (the first of its kind.) As of the latest version, it supports the following games: Airwolf, Alcon, Amidar, Arkanoid, Berzerk, Bombjack, Centipede, Commando, Domino Man, The End, Frogger, Galaga, Galaxian, Gradius III, Hangly man, Jr. Pacman, Lunar Rescue, Millipede, Moon Cresta, Ms Pacman, Nemesis, Pacman, Pengo, Pisces, Rainbow Islands, Salamander, Satan's Hollow, Scramble, Slap Fight, Space Attack, Space Invaders regular and deluxe, Starforce, Super Cobra, Tazmania, Terra Cresta, Tron, Turtles, Tutankham, Uniwars, Vulcan Venture, War of the bugs, and Wardner. Most of the games have sound support.
System 16 Arcade Emulator
System 16 Arcade Emulator - French
Originally called Shinobi Emulator, has been expanded to include support for System 16, 16a, 16b, 18, and Dual 68000 games. The following games are emulated: Quartet 2, Time Scanner, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Tetris, Altered Beast, Alien Syndrome, Wrestle War, Shadow Dancer, Alien Storm, Hang-on, Super Hang-on, Spacer Harrier, Outrun, Strategic Defense Initiative, Dynamite Dux, E-Swat, Heavyweight Champ, Wonderboy III, Passing Shot, Tough Turf, Flash Point, Aurail, Alex Kidd:The Lost Stars, Major League, Fantasy Zone and Moonwalker. All games have music hardware emulated, but not DAC (for voices and digital audio.)

The Windows version has been discontinued; v0.80 is the final release.

It has also been translated to French.
System 8 Runs two games, Pitfall 2 and Wonderboy Deluxe. There is no sound support.
Tickle Tickle is a multiple arcade emulator as well as a framework for emulators which includes drivers. Its focus on emulation seems to be on arcade games from the early 1980s.
Ultra64 Platinum Edition This is good Killer Instinct 1 & 2 emulator for Windows originally by RCP and now by Negative64. Back in the day it used to be called KIAME. And the old homepage can still be found here
VIGASOCO This is a rather new and open source emulator. It only emulates Pacman so far, but that's where MAME started so who knows how this emulator will end up?
Virtua This is the first and only release of Kayamon's Sega Model 2 emulator. It does not show polygons, or have sound. The source is available in the ZIP.
viva nonno This Namco System 22 emulator is able to run the games Ridge Racer 2 and Rave Racer at full speed on a PIII 750.
Requires DirectX 7. GeForce-class video is recommended.
xDragon Emulates Bad Dudes VS Dragon Ninja, Dragon Ninja, and Robocop. The 6502 core is programmed in pure assembly.
XPac An expanded version of Mike Balfour's Mini-Pac emulator. Supports Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Hangly, Puckman, Ms. Pac Attack, Piranha, Crush Roller, and Pac-Man Plus.
ZiNc Zinc is an emulator for Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2, Namco System 11/12, and Konami GV/GQ arcade hardware. These systems are all based around the familiar PlayStation game console with varying degrees of modifications. It replaces the old Impact and S11emu emulators, and is available for both Windows and Linux. Windows 2000 and XP are fully supported.Glide renderer for Zinc.The sourcecode for the keyboard driver plugin included with ZiNc. Should help you get going on making new controller plugins.

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