a Commodore - 64 Emulator on the Linux platform

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VICE is a very good C64 emulator. It has great speed and good graphics and sound emulation. It has lots of options and runs most software for C64. It also emulates VIC20 and PET systems. This is a great download.

Author's website:

Name Updated Description Filesize Download
v2.1 09/23/2009 Source Code 7.72 MB Download


dfaure says:
VICE does not compile with giflib, the only gif lib available on modern linux systems like OpenSuSE Leap 42.2.

gifdrv.c:81:3: error: too few arguments to function ‘EGifOpenFileName’

sdata->fd=EGifOpenFileName(sdata->ext_filename, FALSE);

Please fix ;)

dfaure says:
The link to as the "author website" for VICE seems very strange. Seems to be a lawyer's company, unrelated to C64 emulation....

mfleetwo says:
VICE home page is now

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