Commodore - 64 Emulators

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Name Description
Come Back 64 Come Back 64 was a good multi-platform C64 emulator, now that it's available for Unix, it's even better, right?
ec64 ec64 is a great C64 emulator for the UNIX OS, that supports many games, as well as a great interface and emulation cycles, reccomended download.
Frodo Frodo is good C64 emulator for Unix that has support for almost all C64 software. Like VICE, and unlike Pfau Zeh, emulates VIC-20 as well as 6510 and others.
Pfau Zeh Pfau Zeh is a Commodore VIC-20 emulator for Linux that runs nearly all VIC-20 software. Play your favorite cartridge games or code some BASIC programs. Hasn't been updated in quite awhile though, most likely discontinued...
VICE VICE is a very good C64 emulator. It has great speed and good graphics and sound emulation. It has lots of options and runs most software for C64. It also emulates VIC20 and PET systems. This is a great download.

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