Can anyone help me form a list of emulators that run on blackberry or j2me?


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First off I am really glad to join this awesome forum! Anyways, recently I found out my old blackberry that runs on os7 has the ability to run on a plethora of emulators due to its ability to run several emulators. Currently I have constructed a list of working emulators that run on my device:
*P84ever-Apple II emulator.
*Meboy-GB/GBC emulator.
*JMEBoy-GB/GBC emulator. Runs slower than meboy but allows ability to search device for roms rather than having to preload them using a seperate computer.
*JMEC64-Commodore 64 emulator. (Developed the JMEBoy too)
*Chip 8 Emulator- Generic java chip 8 emulator developed by Nacho Sanches in 2006.
*vNes- Nes emulator. Only emulator so far that requires cod files to install. No custom rom options, only preloaded roms on app. Requires pin.

So far that's all I have, but if anyone can help me find other emulators it would be awesome if one could add some additional that would be awesome! Thanks and regards,
Found minisega 1.0 plays game gear and master system roms buttons are a bit of a nightmare but plays games ok. Works quite well on a curve 9320.

Also Nescube21_pre_realize 2.1 plays from roms works quite well
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