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Name Description
DreamSNES This allows you to play SNES games on the Dreamcast by burning the emulator and roms (up to 1024) on a CD. It's based on Snes9x and features SRAM saves to VMS, interactive game selection menu, option TV mode, up to 4 controllers, cool graphics and neat music. It may be a little tricky to get the CD burned correct, so make sure you follow the directions carefully. This is definitely worth the big download.
The UberBoot tools should help with making a bootable disc. Get it for
DiscJuggler or get it for
NGine Snes9x ngine is a base shell for all kinds of applications that will be written over time. It looks very much like a command line interface people were used to under DOS and still are under Linux/UNIX. It also manages keyboards, controllers, sets up applications to use your local TV output mode, allows you to browse a CDROM file system, and in this edition, run SNES games on your Sega Dreamcast.
Sintendo Based off the Snex9x source, Sintendo allows you burn ROMs onto CD and then play SNES games on your Dreamcast.
Super Famicast A Super Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator for the Sega Dreamcast ported and coded by Scherzo using GCC and the KOS Development Library. Super Famicast is a port of Snes9x, the great SNES emulator for PC. The current version of snes9x code used is v1.42. Consult the website for learning how to make a working CD.

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