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Name Description
PocketSNES The first SNES emulator for GameBoy Advance by loopy,
the author of PocketNES. This is now known as SNES Advance.
SNES Advance Formerly known as PocketSNES. This is definitely one
to watch, as compatibility increases dramatically with every release.
Debug version, useful for finding speedhacks
Source Code, designed for use with ARM project Manager
v0.1F is a version created from the source by Flubba with added compatibility and other various fixes.
Source code for v0.1F
This is an edit of Flubba's Version made by Sephiroth 2k that fixes the text of Secret of Mana at the expense of problems with some other games.
Created by Sephiroth2k, this set of tools will help you automatically find speedhacks and fixes for games.
Use this package to change SNES Advance's background graphics and menu

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