Hex Editors Utilities

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Name Description
Hex Workshop Hex Workshop is one of the best hex edtiors with many good features. It doesn't have any support for translating like thingy, but you can do all other things you might need to do with it. This program is not freeware, so you have to pay if you want to use it more than 30 days.
Hexecute Hexecute is a fully featured hex editor featuring script insertion and extraction, both with full DTE support. Hex and ascii editing modes are available along with a text input mode that will take full advantage of DTE and whatever table file it is using at the time.
Hexposure Hexposure is a hex editor and was primarily developed to edit Nes roms. The editor is very flexible and is a sure must for anyone attempting a Nes hack. It was recently rewritten, and has lots of added features since its last release.
Jinx JinX is Win32 console hex editor designed almost specifically for rom hacking. JinX was inspired by Necrosaro's famous "Thingy".
MacThing This is a snes text extractor/inserter for macintosh.
MatrHex MatrHex is a Rom Hacking/Translation utility similar to Thingy32. It uses Thingy/Thingy32 table files, but does not yet support double- or triple-byte table entries. It features Offset jumps, text/hex string searches, Script dumping and inserting, and a Notepad-like editor for the loaded table file.
Nexedit Nexedit, quite simply, is a basic Hex editor with some special goodies and tools designed for hacking NES and SNES roms. It can edit the text and CHR (graphics) info of most NES roms. It also supports XLATE table files for text editing.
Rom Editor This utility is used to edit and change text in SNES rom images. In the near future, expect the ability to create an IPS file on the fly.
RomEdit This utility is used to edit and change text in any kind of rom (or any kind of file for that matter) in existance. Best use has shown up in usage on NES and SNES rom images.
SNESEDIT Despite any confusion from the name, you are able to use this Hex editor for far more than just SNES Editing. This program lets you edit SNES (and other) Tiles, as well as PSX ISO images and create patches. The program includes language files in the main distribution allowing you to use it in languages other than German (such as English...).
Thingy Developed by Necrosaro for rom hacking, supports DTE encoding, hex editing, and allows you to customize tables, as well as script dump. This utility is progressing very well.
Thingy32 Thingy32 is the Win32 port of Thingy. It is very close to the original, with the following improvements: Window sizing, Change address by scroll bar, GUI is a little easier,Hide hexadecimal pane, Triple byte table values, Double byte line/section breaks, international support(currently only translation is Spanish). Also, the text coloring feature was removed from the original. Newest improvements include an options menu, ability to load new file and table, reload current table, and fixed manual insertion. Also many small bugfixes.
TranslationStation A VERY large VB app, which houses many of the features of Hex Workshop, Thingy, etc all in one.
Translhextion Translhextion is a binary file editor and translation tool for 32-bit Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000).
Unirom This is another Rom text editor developed by our very own staff member _Bnu. Currently it supports DTE(Dual Tile Encoding) which is a great asset to anyone trying to translate. Now it also features script dumping and a great file requester.
WindHex WindHex is a Hex editor with some great features: a table maker,Relative Search and more!
Xlate Xlate3 is best described as a suite of graphic and text editing utilities. This Planet-X software developed by BigWierd offers much in the way of rom hacking and is a definate asset to all rom hacking projects. Hopefully this utility will continue to improve.