General Utilities

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Name Description
Che's Ultimate Cheater A program with all the editors made by Che. It has editors for Lufia2, Zelda3, MarioRPG, Chrono Trigger, and others from the SNES and other systems. Very good, worth a download.
Dan's Save State Editor Creator A program which creates delphi files to be used in creating a save state editor.
GG-Encoder This util can encode and decode GameGenie codes for NES, SNES, GameGear, GameBoy, and Genesis game systems. Requires Java to run.
GG-HEX This utility, similar to Lord ESNES's GG2PAR above, converts between Game Genie and Pro Action Replay/hex/SNES9x codes.
Hapsby A nice savegame editor for a LOT of games for various systems. Also edits save states and other kinds of stuff. You need the Java Runtime to run it, though. So visit its homepage and download the runtime if you don't have it.
Iron C.L.A.D. A nice editing utility for Windows. This utility uses .map files to get the reference to edit the files such as emulator save states, or PC games such as Final Fantasy 7. Check out this program.You can download more .map files here.
KOSRE This is a saved game editing utility for King of the Fighters R2, a neogeo pocket color game. Pretty straight forward, a couple bugs, but works good. Check it out.
Leopard Self proclaimed Game Shark for Save-States. This program will edit Save States from a defined cheatlist. Look at the Readme.txt for full details.
MDL to ZSNES code converter This is a converter to that changes UGE modules over to ZSNES format.
MMGen This Utility allows you to generate passwords for Mega Man II up to Mega Man VII. It allows you to select all possible parameters (Stages beaten, items collected, etc.) and gives you a corresponding password. You can even get some impossible combinations.
ROM MVP This little utility can do a multitude of things, here's some. Decodes and Encodes Game Genie codes to and from PAR codes. Stores each code with description in a box at the botttom of the window. Saves information in list box in files that the respective emulator can use
Save State Master An excellent save state supports all the major consoles and has a ton of games for each. Really nice GUI as well.
SGE This editor lets you change variables in save states for any ROM or PC game. The file format used in this editor, SGE, is designed specifically for editing. It's an interesting tool, and worthy of a look.
SuGAR This editor allows you to create Action Replay codes, which will work on Gens using RAM dumps from DGen and/or Genecyst.
The Ultimate Cheat List This utility has a large amount of cheats for almost any system you can think of.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Save Editor This ICM file can be used to edit ANY memory card header. It includes a visual guide for choosing palette colors. And of course you can edit your created skater. Not everything can be edited yet and I might be using a different save game editor in the future. This version uses Iron C.L.A.D.
UGE Module Reader A very simple UGE Module Reader. Very good for people who need a viewer for a module when building a Save State. More cool features coming soon!
UGE Module Reader & File Editor Another module reader. The author says he doesn't plan on doing any updates to it, so this is it.