Corruptors Utilities

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Name Description
CORRUPT This is a ROM corruption tool that has many customized features. One of the main uses is to find and isolate data to make those killer hacks.
Erosion A very interesting utility. The concept was based off of File Corrupt 4.0. This program corrupts data in a file - you can specify what what data (using powers, values, random values, overwrite specific values, etc) and what it is corrupted with. It has option backup and option logging features so you can know what offsets were written and what value was placed within.The source code is included with the first version
NoChaos This is a ROM corruptor and hex editor that tries to make corrupting a bit easier. You can search an area for a specific value (2-byte only). With each match, a higher value is placed in the ROM. Look at the new value for what you were trying to change, and a list quickly shows you what address is the correct one.
RomCorruptor This utility allows you to corrupt specific ranges of data in your ROM files. Usefull for making strange effects in your ROMs, as well as finding level data.