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Name Description
CoCo 3 This is a TRS-80 Colour Computer 3 emulators that runs in DOS. It is very robust, however it doesn't run in Windows XP, and runs slowly in Windows 9x. Good for a download if you're a CoCo fan.
SDLTRS sdltrs is a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I/III/4/4P emulator for Macintosh OSX, Windows, and Linux. It has been ported from Tim Mann's excellent X-Windows UNIX emulator xtrs. Instead of using the X-Window system for graphics, it uses the portable SDL library.
TRS-80 Colour Computer Emulator The first known TRS-80 emulator that supports the following:MC6809E Micro-Processor running at .8948 MHZ8k Standard & 8k Extended BASIC ROM memory 16k Cartridge memory4k, 16k & 64k RAM memory optionsMC6847 VDG & MC6883 SAM comtrollers
The following graphic modes are supported:
Text 32 x 16 Text
SG4 64x32 Block graphics
SG6 64 x 48 Block graphics (4 color)
SG8 64 x 64 Block graphics
SG8a 64x96 Block graphics (4 color) WEIRD
SG12 64x96 Block graphics
SG12a 64x96 Block graphics (4 color)
SG24 64x192 Block graphics
SG24a 64x192 Block graphics (4 color)
G1C/R 64 x 64 graphics (2 & 4 color)
G2C/R 128 x 64 graphics (2 & 4 color)
G3C/R 128 x 96 graphics (2 & 4 color)
G6C 128 x 192 graphics (4 color)
G6R 256 x 192 graphics (2 color) Video interrupts
- 60hz & 63.5nsStandard keyboardStandard joysticks (2)2 user selectable fonts (Standard & Lowercase)
- Fonts are files which can be user modidied2 user selectable keyboard layouts (PC & COCO)
- Keyboard layouts are files which can be user modified
to create custom keyboard layoutsThe color palette is a file enabling the COCO's colors to be user modifiedEmulator speeds are accurate to .01% of a real COCO's for true sound and game play, plus:
- Hot-key speed selection of .447, .895, 1.79, 3.58 MHZ
& Turbo
- Turbo speed is limited only by your PC's speed
- An override speed can be set & locked so the COCO
runs at user selected speeds transparent to COCO OSColor artifacting option for graphics mode G6R. This option closely emulates colors created on a color TV when in the 256 x 192 graphics mode.
- Option can be disabled
or set for Red/Blue, Blue/Red colorsPC mouse & PC joystick emulate COCO's 2 joysticks
Virtual MC-10 The emulator will run on slower computers, but probably not at full speed. The emulator will run with the display settings set to something other than high color, but probably not at full speed, and probably the colors won't look right. With my Voodoo3 display, the emulator works great in 24-bit and 32-bit modes. In 256-color mode, it's slow and the colors don't look right. In 16-color mode, it's really REALLY slow, and the colors look terrible!
Virtual T This is a brand new TRS-80 emulator for Windows. Not much is known about it, though it appears to be coded in Java.

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