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Name Description
InfoNES This is a port of the official InfoNES for Windows and Linux. It is natively in Japanese but the author made an English port.
InfoNES This is a Pocket PC version of InfoNES, a japanese NES emulator for Linux.
InfoNESCE H/PC This is a port of InfoNES, originally developed for Win32.
NesCE NesCE is based on the FCE Ultra source and is only a preliminary test. Stability will soon be a feature.
nesCE H/PC Not much is known about this emulator since the Japanese homepage is not very well documented.
Newtendo This is quite an interesting emulator. It is an NES emulator (obviously) that runs on the Apple Newton. It supports most mapper 0 games, and many mapper 1 games. It can also run Zelda, Zelda 2, Blaster Master, and Bubble Bobble.
PocketNes I tested this on my PPC, and I gotta say, it's odd. Works okay, controls can't be set easily, but has sound support but works oddly., and full compatibility with all Dell Pocket PCs.
Good for Dell Pockets, but other than that, is glitchy.
PocketNester PocketNester is a free, fast, accurate, and highly compatible
NES/Famicom emulator for PocketPCs. It is based off of NESter by Darren Ranalli,
Unofficial NESter by TAKEDA, toshiya, and nesterce by Y.
Nagamidori. It is distributed under the GPL license.

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