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Popular Emulators

Name Description
m64p m64p is an open-source, plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator maintained by loganmc10. The project bundles Mupen64Plus with GLideN64, as well as its own frontend, input plugin, and netplay support.

This is likely the most compatible N64 emulator you're going to come across. It can play games like Resident Evil 2, Rogue Squadron, Pokemon Snap, and World Driver Championship "out-of-the-box" (without the need to fiddle with settings, plugins, or anything of the sort).

Other Emulators

Name Description
Mac TrueReality This N64 emulator availiable for Mac runs some commercial ROMs. The demos it runs can be found at the Mac TrueReality homepage.
Mupen64 This is a MacOSX port of version 0.5 of Mupen64 by Adam Green and Lamer0.
Mupen64Plus Mupen64Plus is based off of mupen64, originally created by Hacktarux. This package contains only the Mupen64Plus core library. For a fully functional emulator, the user must also install graphics, sound, input, and RSP plugins, as well as a user interface program (called a front-end).
sixtyforce This is the first dynamic recompiling emulator for the Macintosh. It runs many commercial ROMs and demos.

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