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Hu-Go! Hu-Go! is the newest TG-16 emulator to be ported to Linux. It's being programmed by Zeograd and it's so far the most complete TG-16 emulator available except for Magic Engine. It can run ISOs, CDs, has sound, 4 player support and other nice stuff. Try it out!
VirtualPCE VirtualPCE is the a TG16/PCE emulator available for Linux, FreeBSD, IRIX, SunOS, and Solaris right now. I haven't tried it on any of these systems yet, but according to the docs it has sound and good compatiblity. I suppose this is a good download.

Notes for Linux: The glibc2 version is for Redhat 5 and other glibc2 systems, but if you don't have Redhat 5, download the libc5 version.

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