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Name Description
AdvanceCD AdvanceCD is a bootable LiveCD of a minimal Linux system containing the AdvanceMAME emulator. Very useful for those gamers on the go!
AdvanceMAME A port of AdvanceMAME to the Linux environment. Takes advantage of various methods of
making the video resolution match the game you're playing as closely as possible.
CPS2Mame CPS2Mame port to linux. As I couldn't test it yet I
don't know which games it supports. These versions (Unix/X11,Unix/XGL and
Unix/SvgaLIB) are unsupported versions so don't ask the M.A.M.E. nor the
CPS2Mame Teams for help!
KnoppiXMAME This is a bootable CD/DVD image with automatic configurations for playing MAME games. You can add your own games to the image as well as newer versions of X-MAME, gxmame, or your own kernel.
PX-Mame PX-Mame, just as, for DOS/Win, there is PMame, there
is PX-Mame, the Pentium-optimized versions of X-Mame. One for Unix/X11 and
one for Svgalib. Of course, keep in mind that this is an unsupported version.
SDLmame This is an SDL port of Mame maintained by the prolific R Belmont. It usually is kept pretty well in line with the latest of MAME releases.
WolfMame This version of MAME supports recording 'inp' files, files that allow your gameplay to be played back, much like a Zsnes-style ZMV movie.
X-Mema Spainish-language version of P/X-Mame.
XMAME This is the Unix version of one of best arcade emulators.
It runs many, many arcade games and has great speed. It now supports over
1600 games including duplicates and bootlegs and will support many more in
the future! See the readme for more details
on what's new, and the list of games that it plays, for there are too many
to list here.

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