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Bliss Bliss is an Intellivision(tm) emulator with a core written in 100% pure Java with optional native extensions to add additional features for some operating systems. Emulation of the core Intellivision console is 100% complete. The Entertainment Computer System (ECS) add-on component for the Intellivision is also about 80% emulated (enough to support the games that required the ECS), with the notable exceptions of support for the cassette, printer, and musical keyboard. The Intellivoice is also fully emulated.
jzIntv Finally, an Intellivision emulator for Unix. We have all waited so very long for pre-8-bit emulation. This emulator requires SDL >= 0.8.11 and Linux Joystick Package 1.2.14 if you wanna use a joystick, I suppose. For info on required packages and such, head on over to the homepage.

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