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Name Description
CPS2Mame CPS2Mame is Razoola's CPS2-only version of MAME that has some tweaks in it for CPS2 games, and supports a few more games (with Nicola's permission) than the official mame beta release.
Final Burn This is a linux port of Final Burn.
Laser Laser is a Midway 8080 emulator. It has no sound, but is improving constantly.
Modeler A working System32 and Sega Model 1 emulator...the author is anonymous. It runs games such as Golden Axe 2, Spiderman, Sonic The Arcade, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing, and Star Wars.
Pacifi3d Pacman draws graphics by requesting the hardware to draw a sprite or tile at a specified position in a certain colour. Pacifi3d replaces the 2D video emulation of a standard pacman emulator with code to draw an equivalent 3D model at that position. Having transformed the graphics output into 3D it is also possible to place the camera at the players position to simulate pacman from a 1st person perspective.
This runs off of the original 1979 Namco Pac-Man ROM set.
Replay+ Replay+ is a rewritten version of Replay that is much faster. It now supports less games than originally, it's not of the caliber of X-Mame or even System16, alas.
System16 This emulator originally was called Shinobi Emulator, as it only emulated Shinobi. It now emulates System 16, 16a, 16b, 18, and Dual 68000 games. It support a large amount of games and has music emulation.
Zinc Zinc is an emulator for Sony ZN-1 and ZN-2, Namco System 11/12, Konami GV/GQ, and arcade hardware. These systems are all based around the familiar PlayStation game console with varying degrees of modifications. It replaces the old Impact and S11emu emulators, and is available for both Windows and Linux. Windows 2000 and XP are fully supported.

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