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Chippy I've recently completed the first public release of yet another CHIP-8/SChip emulator, [URL=""]Chippy[/URL].
Chippy is written entirely in Javascript, using the Canvas element for screen display and the Audio element for beeps (OGG support required).

Chippy has full support for all CHIP-8 and SChip features except for half-pixel vertical scrolling. It's got most of the standard ROMs included, which can be selected from a dropdown list, and there's a facility for state inspection. A small modification to the source enables the internal disassembler to log the instruction stream to the Javascript console.

Chippy is released under a non-commerical share-alike Creative Commons license, and I'll be using it for a step-by-step "how to write an emulator" tutorial on [URL=""]my blog[/URL].

(Note: Chippy was developed using Chrome and should work with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and possibly Opera, but I haven't tested widely yet. It won't work on any version of IE prior to IE9, since it depends on the Canvas element.)

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