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I was asked a question by gpx13 that I don't know how to answer.

How To Manually Create GameYob Cheat Files

By Strutting Phil

(I highly suggest you test your codes on something like a real game cart, if you still have crap that old, or on an emulator like VBA - also, GameYob currently only supports 14 strings of code, not full complex actual codes)

This is very easy, and it is broken down into 3 steps:

1: The Original Code
2: If it is enabled or disabled
3: The name of the code

First off, find the code for waht ever game you want, I'll go with Pokemon Crystal, because I'm hardcore. Lets try the shiny pokemon code: 910730D2 . From here, you format you code like this

1: Basic code


2: Basic code + Enabled/Disabled

910730D2 0 - Disabled
910730D2 1 - Enabled

3: Basic Code + Enabled/Disabled + Name

910730D2 0Fight Shiny Pokemon - Yes, there is no space after the 0 or the 1.

Saying you just want this code for now, save it as the name of your rom, mine is "06 Pokemon Crystal.gbc - in this case change the .gbc to .cht ["06 Pokemon Crystal.cht"]."

Saying you want a longer code, this can be done, the only current restriction is that you can only have 14 lines of code per cheat file. Lets add a longer code like Walk Through Walls.

010AA3CE 0Walk Through Walls 1
010AA4CE 0Walk Through Walls 2
010AA5CE 0Walk Through Walls 3
010AA6CE 0Walk Through Walls 4
9100FAC2 0Walk Through Walls 5
9100FBC2 0Walk Through Walls 6
9100FCC2 0Walk Through Walls 7
9100FDC2 0Walk Through Walls 8

Just enable all codes at once when using a code like this, I suggest you always set codes to be disabled [0] to start out with, and just manage them while you are in game. Now lets get these rascals guys.

Question by gpx13

This is nice and all but I still don't know where or how to make the code, I know how to type it out it's basically this 910730D2 1shinypokemon.cht but idk where to put if it's in a text doc or something or where in the sd card, i already tried it in on my laptop with the vba and the cheat works I just don't know how to put the code in my luma 3ds.
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