Best way to play emulators on a TV


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Hi all! First, I’m still alive and well. Second, I’m looking to play emulated games on a regular ol’ 4K TV. What’s the best solution these days? I kinda want it to play everything up to PS2 if possible. I’m looking for all the goodies that go with it—save states, fast forward/rewind, cheats, etc.

Thanks all! Hope you’ve all been well!
The MiSTer's quite nice if you've got the money for 4th generation and prior - as well as PSX and early Saturn support!

Is their particular hardware that you can plug into a TV these days that's not an FPGA? I'm looking for under 200 if possible.
Hi Coolie, nice to meet you.

Sadly I had not been playing as much emulated games (or any game) as I want to these days.
Of course that the best way to run emulation on a TV will be to connect a super PC to the TV, but I guess that's not what you are looking for :LOL:

I don't have a MiSTer but a lot of people agree it is the best way.

My experience is with:
1) Android TV, Now called "Google TV" (again).
2) Raspberry PI. With RetroPI.

But my gaming is very classic, I don't even get to PS1, just to N64. On that cases I'm happy with RetroArch and some other stand alone emulators, but I don't squeeze the juice out of Google TV and Raspberry PI.

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