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    I think we need it like back in the day

    As if just the church cult part wasn't enough. RUN!
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    RIP Near, creator of BSNES and pillar of emulation community. Sad news today. After years of harassment and doxxing abuse, Near has taken their own life.
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    PHP Chip8 Emulator

    15 years after writing the PHP Solomon's Key Editor, I decided to do another stupid PHP project. Right now, it's in the command line. Yes, that's ascii output in a console window that you're looking at. Working on changing it to SDL, and then I need to do...
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    Crypto / Blockchain

    Anyone here involved in blockchain or crypto at all? I've been a hobbyist for a while, figured this crowd would be into it.
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    If you post here on Thanksgiving

    Why the fuck can't you post here the rest of the year?
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    RIP Roger Johnstone (Fla_Flash)

    Beloved member and former moderator, Fla_Flash, has passed away. I have no news as to how, but if I hear anything I'll post an update. Roger was 64 years old.
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    If you post here on Thanksgiving

    It's because you love your family.
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    Hypothetical question about adding a score counter to a game like Megaman 2

    Probably none of the old school serious hackers are still around, but maybe? How much work would be involved in creating something like a score tracker in Megaman 2? I'm thinking, each time you attack an enemy it would need to add to a new memory pointer, while still decreasing the enemies...
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    ahey, what's up

    What you doing.
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    If you post here on Christmas...

    Not really relevant anymore.
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    Crypto currencies. Who's using them?

    Just wondering if any ZMD members are buying/selling bitcoin, ethereum, or any other crypto currency.
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    Suggestion: Buy a defibrillator *nt*

    nt = nacho tacos
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    I present to you: Lobster Cowboy's Guide To Dating

    PREFACE After watching countless members of my sex fuck up, and get fucked up by women, I decided to put together this guide. My goal is to help my fellow man break the cycle, and take control of their dating lives. Believe me, I've been to all the places you've been to, and once tortured myself...
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    Nostalgia boner
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    I find it hilarious that this is still online ^^ That, not these forums ;)
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    There's an AMA request on reddit for Zophar

    Someone posted an AMA request for Zophar. If anyone can still contact him (or if you still lurk and are reading this, Zophar). I think it would be pretty cool. If we all chipped in to upvote it and ask questions, we'd probably get the attention of some old ZD legends that may browse reddit.
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    If you play Call of Duty

    And you use "infections", I hope you die tomorrow.
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    All of your stickies are killing new threads.

    This place is slow enough that there is no need to have sticky threads that are basically trying to act as sub-forums. If I want to post a funny link/image/youtube video, I want to make a new thread for it. Have discussion on it, and it alone. I have to set it to view posts from 100 days ago to...
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