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  1. coolie

    Best way to play emulators on a TV

    Is their particular hardware that you can plug into a TV these days that's not an FPGA? I'm looking for under 200 if possible.
  2. coolie

    Best way to play emulators on a TV

    Hi all! First, I’m still alive and well. Second, I’m looking to play emulated games on a regular ol’ 4K TV. What’s the best solution these days? I kinda want it to play everything up to PS2 if possible. I’m looking for all the goodies that go with it—save states, fast forward/rewind, cheats...
  3. coolie

    Like Flash, I am also still alive

    Been a long, long, LONG time since I've posted here. I am still alive and kicking, believe it or not. I live in New York City, and I make my living as a freelance designer. I'm also doing comedy once a week, either stand-up, or with a troupe I'm part of. Oh yeah, and I'm getting married in...
  4. coolie

    Game Boy Advance Flash Cartridge

    This question may or may not be Kosher on this forum, so please lock/delete if it is. So yesterday I made a major score: A backlit Game Boy Advance SP. Always wanted one, but could never find one in decent enough condition to take home. Nintendo released this final revision of the GBA SP...
  5. coolie

    It's murder on the dancefloor

    But you better not kill the groove, DJ GONNA BURN THIS GODDAMN HOUSE RIGHT DOWN! That one's dedicated to you, Sammy. Summer of 2002 4ever. coolie <3 swampy
  6. coolie

    OS X Mame

    I love love love OS X Mame, but it seems as if the project may be dead. The last update was April 23 of last year, and that's pretty out of date as far as Mame is concerned. Does anyone know if there are any alternatives out there? Mac emulation is notoriously spotty, but is anyone developing...
  7. coolie

    Sega CD question

    Hello all! Loooooong time no talk. So anyhow, I hadn't done emulation in a while...until today. I discovered that Steve Snake ported Kega Fusion to OS X, so I dug out my old Sega CD images. And yes Brad, I'm a Mac user. My apologies. However. I have a number of games in the ISO format...
  8. coolie

    You'll be sorry, Pee-wee Herman!

  9. coolie

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is pretty much the worst movie ever made

    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is pretty much the worst movie ever made For three reasons: The fridge. Mutt's Tarzan act. The plot. Thanks George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for ass raping my childhood. Oh, and the second I saw those prairie dogs at the beginning of the...
  10. coolie

    Garfield Minus Garfield

    I read tons and tons of Garfield when I was a kid (it had made me originally want to be a cartoonist, actually), so when I stumbled on this website, I thought it was hilarious. <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  11. coolie


    FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOM <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  12. coolie

    Question about RAID-1

    I've been seriously considering getting an external RAID-1 enclosure for dual 1 TB drives, but had a question. I would like to go a little easier on my wallet, and get the enclosure plus one terrabyte drive to start. I was hoping to be able to add a second hard disk at a later date, and then...
  13. coolie

    Windows emulators played on a Mac through a virtual machine

    Any Mac-heads here? I just bought one of the spankin' new iMacs, and I want to know if it's possible to run an emulator written for Windows (like Kega Fusion) in a virtual machine (like VMWare). I know I can boot camp my way to perfect compatibility, but I'd rather not have to leave OS X for...
  14. coolie

    Just got a Game Gear plus Sonic 2 for 50 cents.

    I rule! <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  15. coolie

    I am totally into cock.

    </img> <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  16. coolie

    Happy Birthday, Crooky!

    Are you even alive? <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  17. coolie

    So THAT'S why Gaim hasn't seen activity in 4 months!

    Apparently the Gaim project was embroiled in a legal fracas with AOL, the completely irrelevant internet company. AOL owns the trademark for AIM, and didn't like the -aim part in Gaim. Go figure. Read all about it here: And yes, henceforth Gaim is now called Pidgin. I...
  18. coolie

    Grindhouse was the shit

    Do yourself a favor, and see it in a theater. The experience is one you'll never forget. And Rose McGowan... Meeeow. <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  19. coolie

    My anaconda don't want none, unless you got buns hun.

    36-24-36? Only if she's 5'3". <P ID="signature"><a target="_blank" href=></a></P>
  20. coolie

    Final Fantasy VII

    I've had this game since 1998. Never beat it. I'm thinking about doing so now. Is it: A) Worth it? B) Going to take a million hours to gain experience? C) Fun, considering the many strides they've taken in gaming the last ten years? Parts of me finally want to take this game on, but does...
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