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    Gematria game for Amiga version 0.03

    Gematria for Amiga: Inclusion of more names ... Mode Kate A Adolf Hitler RFID Toshiba Raquel Aurora Larry Messiah A Vincent Van Gogh Athena Nike A Kelvin The Globe The Duke The Al Qaeda Virgem Rede TV Salman Bin A B Gatinho Black Panther He Thor Tony...
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    Amiga Wheel

    Amiga Wheel A downloadable game: There is a hidden Devil Wheel ... See the Numbers : BARACK LADEN FIDEL BUDHA DAVI
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    Gematria game for Amiga version 0.02

    Turn names into Numbers with this Amiga Program: Inclusion of more names ... A Kamala Devi H A Robinette B Joao Doria Immanuel Antonio A Barack Rebecca Buck Hades Seal Hell Kay Baker Barbie Arcadia Ralf Demo Salad Cheat Madame Orca Cecile Koch Saban...
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    Gematria game for Amiga

    Amiga Gematria A downloadable game: Use your Amiga computer system to see the hidden numbers of popular names ... 616 - 666 Elizabeth Sylvia Santos Willem FRANCISCO BENTO XVI QUEEN ISABELA BOLSONARO MICHEL TEMER TRUMP B Netanyahu A Michele Obama A...
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    Micro LOGO version 0.08

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Version 0.08 18-10-2020 Command SE,ALS,IF.
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    Micro LOGO version 0.07

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Version 0.07 15-10-2020 Command FACA,FAÇA,MAAK,MAKE. Implementation of Variables.
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    Micro LOGO version 0.06

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Version 0.06 14-10-2020 Command LIMPETELA,SS,SCHERMSCHOON,CS,CLEARSCREEN. Command MO,MOSTRE,DRUKAF,PRINT.
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    Micro LOGO version 0.05

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Version 0.05 12-10-2020 Command GRAVED,BEWAARPL,SAVEPICT. Command LEIAD,LAADPL,LOADPICT.
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    Micro LOGO Version 0.04

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Version 0.04 11-10-2020 Command GRAVE,BEWAAR,SAVE. Input from Command Line. Command BYE. Exit from SAVE in Command Line. Cancel the LOAD FILE option to enter into the Input from the Command Line. Command LEIA,LAAD,LOAD.
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    Micro LOGO version 0.03

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Version 0.03 09-10-2020 Command AP,APRENDA,LEER,TO. Command FIM,EIND,END. 08-10-2020 Command REPITA,HERHAAL,REPEAT. Execution of multiple Commands in one line.
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    Micro LOGO

    LOGO interpreter for Windows. Use old lists from MSX,Apple,Amiga and PC ... 05-10-2020 Version 0.01 Start of Micro LOGO. Command FR,FRENTE,VT,VOORUIT,FD,FORWARD. Command DI,DIREITA,RE,RECHTS,RT,RIGHT.
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    Falling for Amstrad CPC

    Mini game with BASIC source code :
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    EMU version 0.09

    MSX and CP/M Simulator in JAVA: 21-09-2020 Version 0.09 Implementation of LD C,REGISTER. Implementation of Register A'. Implementation of Register B'. Implementation of Register C'. Implementation of Register D'. Implementation of Register E'. Implementation of...
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    Life2 game for JAVA

    Life2 Life simulator game for JAVA. Needs 16-bit colour mode. Non interactive game simulation.
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    Blitz2 game

    Blitz2 a JAVA game to download and play ... Should work in 16-Bit Colour Mode for old games ... See what was the fancy characters in old computer systems! Could have ran in Mac G3 and PC Pentium processors ...
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    EMU version 0.08

    You can download EMU here: EMU MSX and CP/M Simulator for JAVA You need the JAVA ByteCode Interpreter to run the COM files ... Most computer systems already came with JAVA. Just type JAVA in the Command Line to see if your system have it installed. Usage...
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    EMU version 0.07

    MSX and CP/M Simulator for Java: 18-09-2020 Version 0.07 Implementation of LD B,REGISTER. Implementation of LD (ADDRESS),A. Implementation of LD A,(HL). Implementation of LD (ADDRESS),HL. Implementation of LD HL,(ADDRESS). Implementation of WORD OpCodes...
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    EMU version 0.06

    EMU MSX and CP/M Simulator for Java: Assembler Source code of most COM files included! What is new: 17-09-2020 Version 0.06 Implementation of LD BC,WORD. Implementation of LD HL,WORD. Implementation of LDIR block transfer. MEMORY-B.COM works now. Implementation...
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    EMU MSX and CP/M Simulator in Java

    Teaser release. EMU version 0.02. Implementation of CPU Processor and Memory. Implementation of LD Register,BYTE. Implementation of CALL.
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    Labyrinth-1 game for MSX2

    Brick Game like title for MSX2 ... BASIC Source included into the DSK.
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