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Name Description
Arnold Fast, accurate and simple. Runs at 200% speed on a P233. There was about 2 years in between the latest release, so there are many improvements.
CaPriCe32 From the same author who continued the development of CPE, A 32-bit emulator with support for much more intensive video modes. In current development, and new features are being implemented. It has now gone open source...v4.1.0 isn't as user friendly at all for now. If you aren't comfortable with not having any kind of UI, get v3.6.1 for now.
CPC-em This Amstrad CPC emulator that has been around for awhile by Tom Walker. It emulates Z80, video emulation, disc emulation, sound emulation, a GUI, SVGA, joysticks, and more.
CPCAlive This emulator is meant to be a programming environment for the Amstrad CPC.
CPCE This is a Amstrad CPC Emulator that isn't half bad, if I do say so myself. Features quite complete emulation, digital tape formats (WAV, VOC, CSW, TZX and CDT), rasters, many video effects, digital speech, internal ZIP file handling, drag and drop, YMP (YM music player) and more!
CPCEmu With average compatibility, many essential features, and decent speed, this is a mid-end representation.
CPE The system ROMs needed by the CPC are included with the archive, as Amstrad has given permission for them to be used.
JavaCPC Amstrad CPC-Emulator based on JEMU by R. Wilson.
no$cpc Nocash Amstrad/Schneider CPC Emulator/Debugger for DOS/Windows

This is Martin Korth's first emulator, worked on it since 1995, the features are: fastest CPC emulation worldwide, integrated debugger with graphics user interface, breakpoints, online assembler, various keyboard languages supported, popup-menues, full mouse control, supports arj/pkzip compressed DSK-files, adlib and digital sound support, video mode/color splitting, joystick support, disk copy protection emulation.
WinApe Emulates the entirety of the CPC line. Compatible and fast, it includes a debugger, a compiler, and support for nearly all disk images. Not quite as accurate as Arnold or CaPriCe32, but it's in current development and the remaining issues are being addressed.
YAGE Much less tested and feature-complete than the others ("- tape & printer : none (who cares ?)" - from the readme file.) Can run some demos and simple programs, and has a simple keyboard interface.

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