Arcade - Single System Emulators

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Name Description
BlackTiger This software allows you to play the stellar 'Black Tiger' on your GBA. Sound is not supported.
Ghosts 'n Goblins GBA Now Arthur can fight ghouls on your GBA, with this emulator of the arcade classic. Sound is not present, it should be noted.
Murdoc This lets you play Mr Do! and variants on your GBA.
RemuAdvance This emulates the arcade game Renegade on your GBA. No Sound.
SonSon GBA Now you can get your SonSon on outside, though you'll do it without sound.
YieArKungFuGBA This lets you play YieArKungFun on your GBA. It is mostly complete, about the only thing that doesn't work are the speech samples in the game.

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