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Name Description
Expanded NesterDC This is an expansion of NesterDC which has support for more mappers which equals a lot better compatabillity.
FrNES This is a port of pNESx for the Dreamcast. Mapper support is the same as the Playstation original, sound is unsupported, it uses a modified version of Marat's M6502 core, it still uses direct drawing to the framebuffer (not the DC PowerVR chip), SRAM is unsupported and it uses Dan Potter's Libdream.
gleam! NES on Dreamcast...runs pretty fast and has 3 CPU cores to choose from.
NesterDC Direct port of nester to the dreamcast! So far, the best NES&nbsp;emulator for the dreamcast, featuring full sound and almost full speed support."Plus": Warmtoe has made a version of NesterDC that has light gun support.
TuxNES-DC A working NES emulator; working, in the sense that it plays most nes games at 30fps with sound or 50-60fps without.

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