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Name Description
Annoid Emulates the bootleg set of Arkanoid, with sound and cheat features.
Asteroids Runs Asteroids, and does it quite fast. Features sound support with original Asteroids samples, and compatibility with both versions of the original game.
BOO For Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, a Capcom System 1 game. It has sound support, which tends to slow the emulation; it does not have joystick or dipswitch support.
Breem Burger Time emulator for the Windows platform. The source is included.
Btishger For Black Tiger. Has mediocre sound support. However, it runs the game flawlessly, and at great speed on any modern processor.
Combat School Emulator Emulates the Combat School machine. Does not support sound, and uses MMX instructions for speed increases. The native documentation is in Spanish, but has been translated to English here by Dragoon-X.
DTMNT The fastest and most complete Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles emulator. Has music and full sound support, as well as joystick support, real time saving and loading, and other features. Supports the complete sound ROMset, and can use the original external samples for digitized speech.
A Pentium (i586) optimized version is available, as is a beta version with scanlines and better 8-bit color. The latter is slower.
The source code is also available.
Grytra A Gryzor (U.S. = Contra) emulator for DOS. Documentation is in Spanish.
I Robot emulator For Atari's "I Robot" game. Very fast, runs the game perfectly, and has sound emulation.
Les Emulates Pleiads. No sound support.
milliEmu Emulates Millipede. Requires standard Visual Basic Runtimes. Includes source.
Nemesis Emulator For Nemesis. Has sound support, but runs slowly.
PacDX Emulates Pac-Man with enhanced graphics. This release has no sound or joystick support, and should be considered an "unfinished, but tested beta" release - it has now merged into EmuDX.
Pacifi3d Pacman draws graphics by requesting the hardware to draw a sprite or tile at a specified position in a certain colour. Pacifi3d replaces the 2D video emulation of a standard pacman emulator with code to draw an equivalent 3D model at that position. Having transformed the graphics output into 3D it is also possible to place the camera at the players position to simulate pacman from a 1st person perspective.
This requires the original 1979 Namco Pac-Man ROM set.
Penix For Phoenix. Does not emulate sound.
PIE This is a Pacman arcade emulator with source code intended to be easy to read for users wishing to know more about how to emulate this particular system.
Radikal Bikers Emulator From Aaron Giles of the MAME development team comes this standalone emulator. A 2GHz processor with a 64MB video card should do the trick in emulating this, otherwise too bad.
REM! (Rygar Emu) Emulates Rygar, with a flawless palette and sound support. Runs fast.
Rishgar Also emulates Rygar with a near-perfect palette and good sound support.
Slutte! Emulates Bionic Commando, in 256 color mode, without sound. It has high score saving, but is buggy at times. It's been discontinued.
The Marble Madness Emulator For Marble Madness. Has no sound or joystick support.
Thunder Emulates Rolling Thunder. Supports sound through samples. Runs slowly on anything less than a Pentium II.
TMNT Emulator For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. No sound support; runs slowly.
U64Emu U64Emu is the first emulator for Killer Instinct. It is quite fast, and it now has sound and configurable keys.
U64Emu2 U64Emu2 is the first emulator for Killer Instinct 2, built up from the first one. This emulator can run KI2 very well in terms of compability and has sound, dip settings, and configurable keys.
Vantage VAntAGE was designed as a replacement for the 'classic' arcade board collection, and emulates as close to "arcade-style" as possible. It supports rotation, screen flipping, cocktail modes, on screen video mode tweaking, running vertical games on a horizontal arcade monitor, and supports 80 games.
WinGorf Emulates Gorf, as well as Gorf - Program One, in a window. Also available are the original sound samples for use with the program.
Xain'D Sleena Emulator Emulates Xain'D Sleena. It is rather fast, and uses a correct color palette, along with partial sound emulation, joystick support, and an option to save the configuration.

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