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AnUAE4All An UAE4All port for Android. UAE4All is an Amiga 500 emulator originally from Chui mainly for playing old Amiga games. Like the original UAE4All, some games are rather tricky to make it work, so basically only suitable to experienced UAE4All user.

IMPORTANT: Require your 512k Kickstart ROM in .rom format, and Amiga floppy disk image in .adf format. Make sure your sdcard can be accessed through /sdcard.

Please note that this emulator is not free; it currently costs $2.99 on the Google Play Market.
UAE4Droid The Amiga 500 in your pocket !

Amiga500 emulator, based on UAE4All. You need a ROM copy of your own Amiga ! Touch screen or trackball as mouse control. 512k ROM file recommended !

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