6502 Emulators

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Name Description
6502S Paul Robson coded this 6502 emulator to be used with some of his emulators, such as NESA.

It's not very fast, even though it's coded in assembly. Run the make batch file to assemble it (make sure you have TCC and A86 in your path or in the same dir).
A6502 Larry Bank, author of the multi arcade emulator CAGE, coded this 6502 emulator for use with CAGE, and it is now available to the public. It's coded in assembly, and is optimized for Pentiums.

Emulation Legend Info:
M6502 This 6502 Cpu emulator was coded in 32 bit assembly by Neil Bradley, which was originally used in NESticle 0.2x and 0.3x, and other emulators for NES, some arcade systems and anything else that uses the 6502 cpu. It is a very optimized emulator, and can run Asteroids, for example, at 9-10 times its actual speed on a P60.

Compile make6502.c, generate the source to M6502 by running it, and assemble with NASM 0.95+.
M6502 This 6502 Cpu emulator was coded in Visual Basic by Don Jarrett. It will prove to be the main CPU emulator used in VB5 Emulators (It's been used in PCSloMo). This is the final release version. Compile it using Visual Basic 5.0.
M6502 This is the famous 6502 emulator from Marat Fayzullin, author of many different emulation projects, such as iNES. His 6502 cpu emulator was also used in other author's projects, such as fMSX, MasterGear, xNES, MAME and VPCE. It is coded in C, just compile it with any Ansi C compliant compiler.
n6502 This is the 6502 source code used in NESticle .4x. It was coded in 32 bit assembly by Bloodlust Software, and is the fastest 6502 cpu emulator there is. Assemble with TASM 4.0+. Also included is a test program for the n6502 cpu emulator. Compile with Watcom C++.
No-Name 6502 Emulator This was Neil Bradley's original 6502 emulator, used in his Asteroids emulator. It is coded in C, and can run at about 3mhz on a 486/100. Just compile the source in any Ansi C compliant compiler.

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